Morris Hoeft Group—Where Purpose Ignites Possibility.

Our mission is simple: We ignite purpose-driven brands, propelling them towards unprecedented growth.

By fusing our award-winning expertise in growth marketing and public relations with a deep understanding of the transformative power of internal culture, we create an environment where purpose thrives, brands flourish, and society benefits.

With a track record of elevating brands into the spotlight of global recognition, we stand ready to revolutionize your organization's trajectory.

Whether you're a bold startup seeking to redefine an industry or an established business yearning to reignite your purpose, we are your unwavering partner, committed to accelerating your growth and propelling you towards unparalleled success.

Let's make an indelible mark, not only on your industry but also on the lives of those we touch. The time for exponential growth driven by unwavering purpose is now.

Why do we do this?

When CEO Becca Hoeft first embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in Chicago, alongside friends Walter and Laura Waweru, little did she know it would ignite a fire that would shape her path forever.

Walter, hailing from Nairobi, Kenya, shared stories about his homeland and its vibrant community. It was through these tales that the seeds of change were sown, giving birth to Kiondo Originals—a visionary social enterprise that empowered single moms by employing their craftsmanship to create handwoven bags, adorned with indigenous vegetable twine and leather trimmings. They pursued this venture not for monetary gain, but for the noble mission of fostering independence among these remarkable women.

Kiondo Originals left a mark on Becca’s heart. It awakened a deep desire to make a tangible impact on the world, no matter how small. From there every step of her career would seamlessly align with this purpose, propelling her forward on a remarkable trajectory.

At every intersection, Becca grew brands from something small to something special (and global).

We partner with the top experts (and award-winning) – Human Resources, Public Relations and Growth Marketing to be a catalyst for purpose driven brands.

Our values drive us.

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    We're totally inspired by Honest Abe. Integrity and honesty are ingrained in our DNA.

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    We understand that relationships are at the heart of our success.

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    The status quo just won't fly. Nope. We're constantly striving to level up and be even more awesome.

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    We hustle hard and crush it every single day. No time for slacking off. We're all about rocking our work.